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1. Iowa

James Tiberius Kirk is human, like any member of humankind. Once upon a time, when there was no United Federation of Planets and human knew little of outer space, this phrase would have satisfied him; but now he wanted to possess the strength of a Klingon, the intellect capacity of a Vulcan, which he heard from his mother’s bedside tale every now and then.

The first time Jim was reminded that he was only human, he was 6 years old. After a blasted birthday party, which his mother rarely had the chance to attend, she led him to bed and told him a story about an ordinary human named George, who captained a starship for 12 minutes, saved 800 lives. George was a self-made legend. Jim couldn’t understand why his mother’s voice trembled ever so slightly as the story went.

“He stayed behind to defend the central system for the other live pods to launch successfully, but he was not fast enough to escape himself. He’s only human.”

As he drifted to sleep, he saw two tracks of wet tears flew down her cheeks

“Remember, Jim, you too are only human”

Not long after that, he discovered he had George Kirk for a father, an ordinary human of an extraordinary legend.

He knew he was a human, but James Tiberius Kirk vowed to do better.



2.     2.Tarsus IV

James.T.Kirk is a Sex God. The Captain is extremely proud of that fact. If Bones seriously considered his bright idea of penning “Space Karma Sutra: The Sexy Adventures of James.T.Kirk”, the man would live his retired years as a king. Not many being in this universe had the chance to bed such a diverse range of races, from extremely fierce Human, Klingons, Androids, to coldly logical Vulcans. However, only two persons cared enough to dig further into his sexual history by enquiring how he had lost his virginity. That, as Bones later conversed with Spock, was the heart of the matter.

Jim was 13 years old, on board of the USS Aurora with his mother when suddenly the ship crashed down to Tarsus IV’s surface. All they could do before the ship exploded was to send an emergency signal to StarFleet Command. Wiona Kirk, Jim and two other crewmembers were lucky enough to survive. Two months later, when StarFleet rescue vessel managed to break through the Klingon Neutral Zone to enter Tarsus IV orbit, Jim was in the middle of a bloody fight to win over a piece of raw meat, over 4 dead bodies, one of whom he had lost his virginity to the night before, for a piece of bread. The mingle sense of guilt, shame and pleasure imprinted on his mind for the rest of his life. Wiona knew this somehow, as she ravenously munched on the little piece of bread, tears streaked down her face. She tapped him on the head, whispered brokenly:

“You did what you had to survive, Jim. We are only human after all”


3.     3.Delta Vega

James.T.Kirk, at 22, enrolled in StarFleet Academy as an answer to Captain Pike’s challenge and perhaps to keep his childhood’s vow. Jim loathed to be kicked around, not by human, not by any races in this universe, least of all Vulcan. Of course, Jim was not at fault. Who was he to know that the pointed-eared bastard program the godforsaken Kobayashi Maru? Jim could not help that he never believed in No Win Scenario or appeared a little too smug than he was allowed for being the first to crack this Satan Machine. Bones could mutter all the nonsense he wanted, but Jim knew Bones secretly admired his intelligence. Jim never regretted, though he knew he had never truly faced death; he had only cheated death, a price he later had to pay dearly.

Bones managed to smuggle him on board of the Enterprise, only when Jim had suffered severely from hypospray allergy, the bastard. After being chased around by a monster in subzero degree environment, affectionately experiencing Vulcan’s volcanic emotion underneath logical craps, having the most fantastic sexual encounter up to date and nearly choked to death, he rightfully taken over the Enterprise, directly from that green-blooded hobgoblin, at 25. (He secretly enjoyed the older doesn’t mean he could tolerate the younger, not that the hobgoblin had to know anything about any of this, with the universe paradoxes possibility and all that, the bastard).

However, for as long as he lived, he would never forget the expression on Spock’s face when he materialized on the transporter pad with his hand outstretched desperately for a never-returned human mother. Then and only then, though he was in no way to blame, though he only witnessed the image from the Ambassador’s mind-meld, he cursed himself for being a fragile human with no super power to turn back the hand of time.

Spock Prime, the Spock he somewhat had come to think of as a part of his soul within a night, laid down onto the cold stone surface with his arms hooked around Jim’s ankle and Jim’s cock jammed deep inside him, kissed him passionately, followed by a hushed whisper that carried within unfathomable pain:

“T’hy’la, please do not grieve, nothing can be done to change the outcome. You are only human after all”

Jim was sick of hearing it, he could do better, why didn’t he do better, why???


4.     4.The City on the Edge of Forever

James.T.Kirk hated rules. Prime Directive is one of the foremost rules applied to everyone in this entire universe if they one to exist in one piece.   Therefore, logically, he hated the Prime Directive with vengeance when it became the sole reason for his loss.

Edith Keeler was the first and might be the last woman Jim actually involved with for anything rather than sex. She was serious, and so was he. Not everyday you get to come across The Guardian of Forever, fall in love, watch your crush dies right in front of you when you know you can do something, only you are forbidden to do so. He would never blame Bones for messing time-lines up. He lost count of how many times he nearly caused the same consequence. But it still hurts like hell, because, hell, he’s not a stony Vulcan, he could not hide his emotion as well as Spock. May be in another universe, another version of himself might deal with this tragedy in another way, but he chose to deal with it the most logical way he knew, bonded with said hobgoblin. At least, you never need to worry about clothes, lipsticks, high heels, perfumes, and roses when you date a man. Not to mention some extra credits when said man entered Pon Farr, oh the pleasure, Bones would have a fit and secretly jealous as hell, because it wasn’t until Bones remarked how “dreamy” Spock was always around him that he finally sat up and really noticed. His XO made from sex, made for sex and made in sex. It’s only logical that he should belong to a Sex God. (Damn it, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a matchmaker. If that damn green-blooded bastard ever said “fascinating”, so gods help him)

Nyota Uhura later congratulated him when the news of their bonding was made public:

“Enjoy it when you still can, captain, stick with him. You can’t outlive him. At least you will not be the one to watch your loved one die. We are human after all.”


5.     5.New Vulcan

He transferred Spock Prime to New Vulcan. He never saw a Vulcan smiled before, but the looks the Ambassador gave him now and then as he cracked excellent jokes, proved to him how much this man loved his bondmate, how lucky James Kirk of any universe to have a Spock by his side. They arrived to new Vulcan on a hot day, his Spock remarked he only felt like any human should feel on a hot summer day, that translated to “hot like hell to human” in his book. He secretly wondered how Amanda Grayson could survive all these years on Former Vulcan.

He and Bones had to wait outside for Spock. His bondmate had to talk excessively with some elders, when a crazed Vulcan, could be no more than 30, charging his way, tackled him to the ground. He really tried to avoid some punches targeted his stomach, but again, damn his human heritage, he received two blows. Spock must have felt them all, because he was all over Jim in an instant, sent that bastard crawling on the sand, then effectively nerve-pinched him. Jim felt blood rose to his face at the thought of being the weaker partner in this relationship, but when both Spocks looked at him with their unspoken worries in their eyes and Bones fussed over him like a mother hen, he knew it was the doctor’s subtle way of reminding him to stay still and suffer his inspection or else be removed from duty for the next two shifts.

It was Bones’ way of reminding him how physically human he is.



1.     1.Enterprise

Not long after his trip to Vulcan, Ambassador Sarek contacted Jim personally through his private line with excessive caution not to let Spock know beforehand. He loves Spock dearly and do not wish to shield from his bondmate, but this is his father-in-law. Jim does not have suicidal wishes, so he will never logically go against his Vulcan father-in-law. Jim went in for the conversation with a dread feeling in his stomach and emerged from it feeling much the same.

The big news, when it logically came from your father-in-law, who in turn is a logical being, was that as the “responsible partner for the succession of the line of Surak”, he had to be hooked up by the time they ended their first 5 year mission and left the child on earth for his mother to take care of. (That statement speaks volume for Sarek’s feeling for Amanda if the man sees fit to leave his grandchild in human’s environment.) Facing the threat of distinction, the Vulcan Science Academy had developed a new technique to help the knocking up process more fun, more guaranteed. Only a member of a few races got through the process with flying colors. The most positive was human. Spock got to a serious argument, Vulcan style of course, with his father on how Sarek had burdened Jim so much with his “greed to expand the clan in an obviously inappropriate time”

One year later, James.T.Kirk laid on his post labor bed, surrounded by his husband, Sarek and Bones to welcome the newest member of house of Surak. As he witnessed the first Vulcan genuine smile enveloped in the serene presence of their son and the happiness hummed through their mental link, the falsely disgusted face of Bones mock glaring at him, he acknowledge the simplicity of happiness. He was home, where his heart belongs

For once, James.T.Kirk acknowledged that he was only human. He was thankful for that fact.


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Sep. 22nd, 2009 03:45 pm (UTC)
I really enjoyed these 5 pieces of 'only human'. It turned out to be quite beautiful. When Uhura mentioned the 'you can't outlive' him I definitely was wibbling.

The only minor complaint I have is you do not put 'mpreg' in the mention of the fic summary, and I had to skip the ending. Some people do not enjoy it, and would be preferred of a warning for it.

Please do not take it as a 'slap on the hand' or anything as such. I actually had to change the warnings on one of my fics because of rimming the other day.
Sep. 22nd, 2009 03:56 pm (UTC)
thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Fixed the lil problem
Sep. 22nd, 2009 10:13 pm (UTC)
I love the idea and , iowa, tarsus IV, delta vega and enterprise!! i really love it!!

excuse me but i have little notes:

first thing, kirk never will think of Spock like a Hobgobling maybe as a bastard or other when he is angry, but hobgoblin is from bones, and Kirk never likes this one

New Vulcan: i like it but is a little confusing about the fight

The city of the edge of forever was good, but why you mix it with the bond?? this sound like Kirk doesn't loves Spock, and bond to him only to forget Edith, what i think is not the case

maybe you can put the bond in new Vulcan and i love it more!!
Sep. 22nd, 2009 10:42 pm (UTC)
Ooh love it. Each of the five parts are great.

erm I think you mean extinction in the last part, rather than distinction.
Sep. 23rd, 2009 02:13 am (UTC)
fell victims :l ? Anyway... I enjoyed how it's not until humans can do something better than other aliens that he resolves his issue. Also when I stood back from the mood you created in the fic I think it is funny that humans are best for sex.
Sep. 23rd, 2009 09:30 am (UTC)
I feel the idea amusing, because human is so different from Vulcan and Vulcan is somehow 60% humanoid. What I mean is compatibility. Look from TOS to the new verse, Jim and Amanda are human and they are the only two interspecies that ...actually happened
Dec. 5th, 2009 03:07 am (UTC)
Lovely, thanks.
Apr. 7th, 2010 02:15 am (UTC)
Really lovely piece. <3
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